Friday, 23 August 2013

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A Story of ”the Church Militant here on earth” and the Usurers? There’s more to it than that!

The Church of England’s contribution to the controversial debate over payday loan companies has received a good deal of media coverage.  This is of course an issue that has troubled politicians and even professional football players (in the case of Papiss Cisse and his Newcastle shirt!).  During these difficult economic times, the thought of ruthless lenders preying on those falling into debt is a worrying and emotive subject.
It is therefore important to emphasise that the Archbishop of Canterbury has not simply leapt into this debate reactively.  There has been a long process of his concern about this area of high-interest lending developing.  I understand that the Archbishop has spoken out on this matter because of his own financial expertise, developed in a business career and demonstrated in his knowledgeable contributions to the Parliamentary Commission on
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